Global Partnership of Asian Colleges 2009(GPAC 2009)

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  • Take the JR Sobu-Kaisoku Line from Tokyo Station.
    Get off at Ichikawa Station after about 20 minutes.
    From the North Exit of Ichikawa Station, CUC is a 20-minute walk.

  • If you prefer, you can take a bus from Ichikawa Station.
    At Bus Stop No. 1 just outside the North Exit of Ichikawa Station,
    take the Keisei Bus for Matsudo Eki or Matsudo Shako.
    Get off at Wayo-Joshi-Dai Mae after about 10 minutes.
    From that bus stop, CUC is a 3-minute walk.

  • Alternately, take the Keisei Line from Ueno Station.
    Get off at Konodai Station after about 30 minutes.
    From Konodai Station, CUC is a 10-minute walk.

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