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Photo Gallery


Asakusa Trip

In front of the Imperial Palace

The Edo-Tokyo Museum

Making Furin, Traditional Japanese Wind-Chimes


CUC supporters taking international students to many places in Tokyo

Communicating with Japanese Students

Sports competition The YUKATA experience

The Edo-Tokyo Museum The Farewell Party


During the program, participants will stay in the dormitory on campus.
They will experience the Japanese way of living.
There is one large room and several small rooms on the girls' floor and the boys' floor.
About 15 participants will share the large room and 5-8 participants will share the small room.
There are two Japanese-style communal baths, one for girls and one for boys, on separate floors. In addition to a large bathtub, there are some individual showers. You are expected to take a bath together with other participants.

Dormitory Building

Small room (Appx. 23㎡)

Large room (Appx. 46㎡)

Lobby Bathrooms